Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Power Surge in 2010?

I got the chance to contribute to an article over at HotStove.com yesterday about the chances of a Met power surge in 2010. Here is the question with my response:

Recently, Mets outfielder Jeff Francoeur said he expects the team’s power would return in 2010. He predicted he would smack 27 homers this season, while David Wright would hit 35. Are you as optimistic as Francoeur is about a power surge in Queens?

Onan Coca, South of Shea
I’m a Mets fan, so of course I am a natural pessimist. In this case, however, I don’t think Francouer’s optimism is that far off. In fact, I have been noticing a general trend towards the uber-optimistic in Mets camp thus far, and it has really heartened me as a Mets fan. Jason Bay considers this team a contender and feels that there aren’t many teams who match up with the talent level of the Mets (a point with which I agree with completely), David Wright is planning for the playoffs, and Johan knows he is the best pitcher in the NL East.

I like Frenchy’s attitude, but while I expect Wright to bounce-back power wise, I think it will more likely be in the 28-32 HR range. I also don’t think Jeff will hit 27 bombs, but I think 20-25 is realistic. There will be a power surge in general in Queens this year, Bay will add 35 HR, Murphy should go for at least 15, and a rejuvenated Reyes could hit 12-15 himself. Upon returning, a healthy Carlos Beltran will likely return to his powerful form as well, and I don’t think 30 HR will be out of reach. All of this adds up to a much more developed power-hitting Mets team in 2010.

Yes, Francouer is probably being overly optimistic. No, Frenchy and Wright probably won't combine for 62 Homeruns. But who cares...? It's nice to hear the optimism from the big Right Fielder. The Mets are due for a fairly impressive power surge over last years numbers (maybe not to Francouerian levels but it could come close). From 1 - 8 in their lineup there will be guys with at least 15 HR potential in every slot except for wherever Luis Castillo bats. Which means we should see an BIG uptick in longballs at Citi Field in 2010.

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