Thursday, February 11, 2010

What really irks me?

Trading a perfectly servicable inexpensive pitcher like Brian Stokes for an expensive below average in every way Outfielder like Gary Matthews Jr.
It's even worse when stories like this break.
So we sign Frank Catalonotto and Mike Jacobs... then Endy Chavez and Gary Sheffield make it known that they would like to come back... and you could get all four of them for less than it costs to carry Gary Matthews Jr.
So why did we trade for him??

1 comment:

  1. although i dont think matthews jr. is the best outfielder available, the fact that he's going to cost less than $1.5 mil/season makes it a little easier to swallow. don't get me wrong, i really like brian stokes.....especially coming out of the bullpen with that high 90's fastball, but to have a little more depth with matthews jr. i think will work to our advantage.