Monday, February 8, 2010

A little suggestion?

If I might be so bold as to make Mr. Minaya a little suggestion - sign Jermaine Dye, Johnny Damon, Will Ohman, Joe Beimel, and Todd Wellemeyer. I know - the cash is short and these guys will want to be paid. However, if you look at the options each of these players has right now you will notice that the Mets can make cheap competitive offers for each.
Jermaine Dye and Johnny Damon - I would submit that Daniel Murphy's relative newness to the 1st base position and his current issues with hitting left-handed pitching means that the team might be better served by allowing Murphy to become more seasoned at the AAA level. Dye and Damon could from a formidable platoon at 1st base with each filling in for the Mets OF as well.
Will Ohman and Joe Beimel - The Mets currently have one left handed arm in the bullpen; Pedro Feliciano. The addition of Ohman and Beimel would give the Mets some great bullpen depth in the majors and minors. Either pitcher could also be used as trade bait later in the season if necessary.
Todd Wellemeyer - In 2008 Wellemeyer looked like he had finally put it all together for the St. Louis Cardinals. 2009 he fell back into his pre-2008 form. By signing Wellemeyer the Mets add another talented middle of the rotation arm that can be stabled at AAA just in case the team is hit with another string of pitching injuries. He would make a very good fill in 5th starter alongside Nelson Figueroa, Fernando Nieve, and Jon Niese.
These moves allow the Mets to let Daniel Murphy continue developing (perhaps moving him to 2nd base because Ike Davis should be playing the everyday 1st baseman role for Buffalo), and it allows the Mets to cut/trade either Gary Matthews Jr. or Fernando Tatis. It also gives them better hitting options off the bench, as well as added lineup depth. All indications from the Mets front office is that they are finished making moves for this offseason, though if the opportunity arises to sign a pitcher they might, so I doubt these deals are in the offing ... but a Mets fan can hope.

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